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Wind and Water: A Mermen of Ea Series

Short story set in the Mermen of Ea universe featuring the two cabin boys, Fiall and Aine, human and Ea. 


The setup: The crews of the Sea Witch and the Phantom join forces as Taren and Ian search for the fabled colony of merfolk in the Eastern Lands. Human and Ea (mermen shifters), side by side, are drawn into an age-old mystery. Set sometime during the final book in the Mermen of Ea Series, Running with the Wind, two cabin boys, one human and one merman, grow to be close friends and perhaps more….


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Knowing: Blue Notes 0.5

A Blue Notes Series Story. Jason Greene is just discovering his sexuality, but he never expected to be attracted to the outcast and awkward Robbie Janson. He’s a guy, right? Guys aren’t supposed to be attracted to other guys. And yet there’s just something about Robbie that Jason can’t seem to shake.


Free read written as part of the Goodreads Gay-Straight Alliance Group’s “Traveling to Better” writing project. My topic, suggested by a reader, was “Am I gay or am I straight?” Each story is 5K words or less and is based on readers’ suggestions.


This story is based on a character from Blue Notes.


NOTE: This story has been incorporated into the 2nd Edition of Blue Notes. 


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Baiser et Maquillage‏ (Kiss and Makeup French)



Ted est un artiste spécialisé dans les effets spéciaux et le maquillage qui espère remporter un Oscar pour son travail sur un film de science-fiction à gros budget. Il passe quatre heures chaque matin à transformer la superstar des films d’action Lenny Golden en un seigneur de guerre alien. Sa plus grande réussite serait de transformer Lenny en son amant avant que le tournage ne se termine.




AUTHOR’S NOTE:  A very special “thank you” to Bénédicte Girault for her hard work in translating this story for my French readers!  You rock, girlfriend!  hugs and kisses


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Who Rules the King’s Heart

Mikail, King of Shaeron, has a secret: he’s in love with Nathaneel, his longtime friend and captain of his royal guard.  When a demon creature who calls himself Samael and looks very much like Nathaneel appears to Mikail, the King and the demon become lovers.  The only problem? Samael is Nathaneel’s demon half, but Nathaneel knows nothing of Samael’s existence.  What will happen when Nathaneel learns the truth of his alter ego?  And who, demon or man, will rule the King’s heart?


NOTE: Updates first in my newsletter at the beginning of each month, then a week later, you can read new chapters here. WARNING: Contains adult themes and explicit sexual situations.  The main pairing is MM, but there are some MMM scenes.


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Kiss and Makeup

Written for the MM Goodreads Group’s “Love is Always Write” celebration of gay romance, “Kiss and Makeup” is the story of Lenny Golden and Ted Aaronson.


Here’s the blurb:  Ted is a special effects make-up artist who hopes to win an Oscar for his work on a big budget sci-fi movie. He spends four hours each morning transforming action-hero superstar Lenny Golden into an alien warlord. His greatest achievement would be to transform Lenny into his lover before filming ends. 

18+ only, please! 


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