Author of the Month! Thank you everyone!

Author-of-the-MonthThank you everyone who voted yesterday in the final round  “Author of the Month” over at Mrs. Condits and Friends!  I won!  This is me doing a totally geeky happy dance!  I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and encouragement.

Mrs. Condit’s gave Symphony in Blue and Encore both 5-star reviews in the month of December, which is a huge honor in and of itself.  Having all my wonderful readers come out to support me and vote is even better!  You can find Becky Condit’s review of Encore here.  The post with the review of Symphony in Blue is here, along with my own post to celebrate its release.

That said, there were lots of wonderful authors in the running for the contest, and they’re definitely worth checking out, including Dreamspinner authors like Grace Duncan, Andrew Grey, and Rhys Ford.  You can find my books as well as theirs at the Dreamspinner Press store!

Thanks, everyone who voted ! You guys rock! Thank you! -Shira


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