Cover Reveal: Stealing the Wind (Mermen of Ea #1)

StealingTheWindFSJust got the amazing cover artwork from Anne Cain for Stealing the Wind, the first book in the Mermen of Ea Series!  I absolutely love what she’s done with it, too.  Sexy, slightly edgy, these aren’t your average mermen.  Ea are physically powerful beings who share a more reasoned, human side with a more primal nature.  Innately sexual, sensual beings, these mermen shape-shifters can possess magical “gifts” and are very wary of the human world outside their enclave.

The Ea have a long and turbulent history with humans, and they are at war internally over whether to remain on their secluded island stronghold or reclaim their place in the human world.  Ea share far more in common with dolphins than with fish.  And if you’re curious about how Ea mate, you’ll find out in the first book!

Enter Taren Laxley, a slave who used to work rigging the great ships that put into Raice Harbor in the Derryith Kingdom.  Through a series of adventures, Taren finds himself aboard the Phantom, captained by the seemingly ageless Ian Dunaidh.  What Taren soon realizes is that the Phantom and her captain are not human, and neither is he.

Stealing the Wind is the first book in the Mermen of Ea Series.  Look for Into the Wind (Book Two) in early 2014.  Stealing the Wind will be released on August 12th and is now available for preorder on Dreamspinner Press’s website!  You can read a very steamy excerpt from the beginning of the book here (scroll down to the end of the blog post).  There’s another excerpt, the opening chapter of the novel, here.

Hope you enjoy the excerpts and the book! -Shira


Blurb:  Taren Laxley has never known anything but life as a slave. When a lusty pirate kidnaps him and holds him prisoner on his ship, Taren embraces the chance to realize his dream of a seagoing life. Not only does the pirate captain offer him freedom in exchange for three years of labor and sexual servitude, but the pleasures Taren finds when he joins the captain and first mate in bed far surpass his greatest fantasies.

Then, during a storm, Taren dives overboard to save another sailor and is lost at sea. He’s rescued by Ian Dunaidh, the enigmatic and seemingly ageless captain of a rival ship, the Phantom, and Taren feels an overwhelming attraction to Ian that Ian appears to share. Soon Taren learns a secret that will change his life forever: Ian and his people are Ea, shape-shifting merfolk… and Taren is one of them too. Bound to each other by a fierce passion neither can explain or deny, Taren and Ian are soon embroiled in a war and forced to fight for a future—not only for themselves but for all their kind.


  1. Patricia Nelson - Reply

    Absolutely LOVE IT! I can’t wait until August 12th gets here! =}

  2. Carla - Reply

    Oh my God!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw this.. It’s just so perfect!! I love mermen loving each other ♥_♥ or with a human! Is there a chance I can get the book in Argentina?

    • shira - Reply

      The book should be available through your country’s Amazon affiliate after August 12th
      Or from one of the online rebook retailers. It will also be available for purchase as a paperback from the publisher at

      I’m so excited you’re so excited! -Shira

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