Dreamspinner 25% Off Sale

Juno_sale_DSPsiteDreamspinner Press is running a sale that will make you want to stay indoors and read (that’s me, just about every weekend). Everything in the store is 25% off right now, including my new release, Blood and Rain! Book 2, Blood and Ghosts, will be released in a couple of months now!

Or maybe you haven’t checked out my mermen. The Mermen of Ea Series is also on sale. Or maybe that’s “sail.” (Anyone hear crickets?) The last series book will be coming out this summer (June or July).

Have my fantasy series, but haven’t tried my contemporary musici series, Blue Notes? Now’s a great time. Those can be read in any order, so pick the one that speaks to you, and dive on in.

Kindle users, don’t forget you can sign up to have DSP send your books directly to your device (and get them cheaper than they would be on Amazon!).

Stay warm, ignore the snow, and read! -Shira

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