Finished my first draft of “Blue Notes”

The first draft of my full-length novel, “Blue Notes,” is now complete.  It’s funny how it always seems to be a mixed blessing, completing a story.  Especially so, when you fall in love with your own characters.  I’m both elated and sad to be letting go of the story.  Not that the creative process ends with a first draft, of course, but from here on out, it’s more about tweaking the language and polishing than stepping into the characters’ shoes and being part of the plot.

It always amazes me,  how much the germ of an idea develops when you begin to write.  The vague notion that I wanted to write about Paris and my own experiences growing up in Grenoble morphed into a love story between two very different men, with different issues to face.  It was also a cathartic experience , writing about Jason facing his demons and performing in spite of his fears.  I could picture myself on that very same stage at the Conservatoire de Grenoble when I was a teenager, playing violin and hoping I wouldn’t fall flat on my face!  How many times I faced those very same demons…  That particular chapter was the hardest of them all to write – Jason on stage, Jules in the audience, quietly supporting him.

In the end, I hope I’ve struck a chord with my readers – that you will taste a bit of what it’s like to put yourself out there, to face the praise or criticism, and to fear rejection.  I’m fortunate to have found someone to support me the way Jules does Jason.  We should all be so lucky.  We all deserve it!

Peace! -Shira


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