Free Fiction Friday – “Stealing the Wind”

At long last, Chapter Four of my free novella, “Stealing the Wind.”  MM romance, slightly smutty (consider yourself forewarned!), pirate, paranormal shifter story (that’s a mouthful!).  18+ only, please.  To read, click the link or the picture!

“Stealing the Wind” is the story of Taren of Laxley, an indentured servant who is kidnapped and taken aboard the pirate ship, Sea Witch.  Life is far better for Taren aboard the Witch, and he quickly becomes the pirate captain’s favorite slave and a valued member of the Witch’s crew.  But will Taren’s fortunes change for the worse when Taren is captured by the mysterious Eoin Dunaidh and his crew?  Contains scenes of dubious consent, threesomes, and other content not appropriate for children.

Enjoyed the story so far?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  As always, I’ll be updating again as my editing/writing schedule permits.  -Shira

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