Got my beautiful cover!

Cover: “The Dream of a Thousand Nights”

Just got the cover from Dreamspinner Press for my upcoming release, “The Dream of a Thousand Nights.”  Anne Cain did a fabulous job evoking the Arabian Nights/fairy tale vibe of the story!  I just love all the details and the warm, sunny (desert, anyone?) feeling it brings to mind.  Absolutely perfect!

Release date for the long novella (approximately 50K words) is September 26, 2011!

Just a reminder of the general plot:  In ancient times, the immortal Jinn lived only to satisfy the desires of humans, granting wishes and fulfilling their sexual needs.

Tamir, a Jinn, had long loved Prince Neriah from afar. Tamir had once saved the prince’s life when he and Neriah were just boys, but was stripped of his powers by the other Jinn as punishment for falling in love with a human. Ten years later, Neriah has no memory of Tamir and lives as an outlaw, on the run from the King’s assassins. Still, Neriah dreams each night of a lover whose face he cannot see and whose name he does not know, but who fills his empty heart with peace and happiness.

Freed at last from his incarceration, Tamir seeks to help Neriah re-take the Kingdom of Tazier from Neriah’s ruthless father, but finds that the once-gentle prince’s heart now beats only for revenge. How can Tamir help Neriah without his magic? And how can a powerless Jinn hope to save the embittered prince’s heart?

More to come as the release date draws closer!  But for now, I’m just going to sit back and drool over my gorgeous prince and his jinn!



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