Hop Against Homophobia – 2 days away!

Two days and counting to the Hop Against Homophobia blog hop!  Come join me and several hundred (yes, really, several HUNDRED!) other writers, reviewers, sellers and publishers of M/M fiction as we talk about the genre we adore and raise awareness of the fight against homophobia.  Each blogger is offering a M/M prize, so there’ll be lots of great writing to go around.

I’ll be posting excerpts from my upcoming releases, talking about my experiences living in North Carolina and homophobia (yes,  the state that just outlawed gay marriage in the state constitution…sigh), and giving away an ebook copy of your choice of one of my Dreamspinner Press books:  “The Dream of a Thousand Nights,” “Blue Notes,” or my soon to be released, “The Trust.”  (That last one is scheduled to be released on June 18, 2012, so you can be one of the first in line to receive a copy if you’re patient.)

So check back here on May 17th for the first of several posts, as well as links to blogs of all the other wonderful folks who are participating.  I can’t wait! -Shira

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