Kreativ Blogger Award!

Many thanks to my friend and fellow DSP author, Beka Tinsley, for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger Award!  As Beka explains it (far more articulately than I!), the award is “passed on from blogger to blogger, and encourages networking and communication” and comes with a few “rules” to keep the idea going and growing:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

So thank you, Beka, for the nomination.  I first met Beka on a few years ago, and she’s been an inspiration to me with both her energy and commitment to the GLBT genre.  She’s the ringleader (*g*) of the wonderful Rainbow Writers Group there.  The group’s mission is “to highlight and reward writers of the GLBT genre in the hopes that they will gain confidence in their writing,” among other things.  Check them out if you’re a newbie to writing, or an experienced writer looking for inspiration.

Next requirement:  List 7 things about yourself that readers might find interesting.

1. I was a professional opera singer for about 16 years.

2. I love Japanese manga, especially yaoi (M/M).

3. I lived in France for two years when I was in middle school and speak French (a little rusty these days, though!).

4. The “best man” at my wedding was a woman (a close friend of my husband).

5. I’ve been writing stories since I was ten, but never finished one until I was in my 40s.

6. For me, the most interesting part of a story is character growth.  I love to see how relationships and events in a character’s life shape him/her as a person.

7. My parents (82 and 77 years old) and inlaws (82 and 85 years old) read my stories, although they admit to skipping over some of the explicit sex!

Last requirement:  Nominate 7 bloggers, notify them of their nomination, and post links to their blogs.

E.M. Lynley – terrific friend, terrific writer and collaborator who is a sharp as they come (and can give you advice about your taxes to boot!) and kicks my writing into shape.

Rhys Ford – fabulous writer with a killer sense of humor.

Andrew Ashling – blows me away every time with the depth of his characterizations and the intelligence of his writing. 

Helen (H. B.) Pattskyn – wonderful and creative writer who has helped me more times than I can count and who’s been willing to share her own experiences to enrich my universe.

Tom Webb – reviewer and all around wonderful person whose beautifully written reviews shine with his love for the craft of writing.

Dawn Roberto – what can I say? I have no idea when Dawn sleeps!  She’s out there, plugging away for romance writers on her blog, her  fabulous Yahoo Group, LoveRomancesCafe, and on Love Romances and More Blogspot.

Carson at Guys Like Romance, Too – because what’s not to love about a blog devoted entirely to writers so they can pimp their M/M books and share excerpts with readers.

So spread the word about these wonderful people and wonderful blogs!  And don’t be afraid to try your hand at blogging – that’s what the Kreativ Blogger Award is all about.



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