NanoWrimo 2015 Update: “Running with the Wind” (Mermen of Ea #3)

I just reached 35K on Running with the Wind (Mermen of Ea #3), my NanoWrimo 2015 project! I’m definitely not a through-writer. More like I’ve got my crayons laid out in front of me, I’ve outlined the entire picture, and now I’m “coloring in” random pieces throughout. Eventually, I’ll fill all the gaps between the colors and step back to see the big picture with no white spots left.




  1. Todd Thompson - Reply

    OH. SHIT. You just *had* to go and show me the dragon, didn’t you? *sigh*

    That’s just mean. : )

    (And you can be the one to apologize to Sandra @ for me bugging the living crap out of her until I have this one open on my eReader.) hehe

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