Release Day Party: Last call to enter giveaways!

Welcome to release day for Aria (Blue Notes #3)  from Dreamspinner Press!  If you haven’t already, comment to win one of these fun prizes:  an Aria t-shirt, a paperback copy of the original Blue Notes, a mug with the cover of The Melody Thief, and your choice of an ebook copy of one of the first two Blue Notes books (The Melody Thief (Blue Notes #2)or Blue Notes), or if you’ve read those, a copy of one of my other previously released books from Dreamspinner Press.  One comment enters you into all of the contests, and I’ll be drawing a winner tonight.


If you haven’t already purchased a copy, Aria is available on Dreamspinner Press’s website and it’s on sale (all of the Dreamspinner Press books are on sale to celebrate the holiday).


Aria is a story about music and musicians, but at its heart it’s a story about human beings with real challenges.  Of all the novels in the Blue Notes Series, Aria is perhaps the most realistic.  For Sam Ryan, who lost the only man he thought he’d ever love, the idea of taking a chance on a new relationship is overwhelming, frightening.  Aiden Lind doesn’t want to admit that Sam broke his heart when they first met five years before, but when he meets Sam again he’s understandably hesitant to take another chance on Sam.  Aiden believes that his career ended their relationship the first time around, and he’s afraid to believe that anyone would want a long-term relationship with someone who is on the road more often than he’s at home.


But at the heart of Aiden and Sam’s problems is lack of communication.  Fear, misunderstandings, and mistaken assumptions threaten to tear them apart for good.  They both sense the growing distance between them, but neither is sure of how to begin to talk about the issues that stand between their love.  And really, what human being hasn’t experienced just the same fear.  How many of us haven’t asked ourselves what someone else will think of us if we’re honest about our feelings?


I hope you enjoy Aria!  -Shira


  1. Thommie - Reply

    Ah, now this is a book I’ll have to obtain one way or another. I loved the Melody Thief and and the look of it this is going to be just as enjoyable.
    Hugs Shira and wish you the best on this one as well.

    • Shira - Reply

      Thanks so much, Thommie! I’ve got you entered in the drawings. I’m so glad you enjoyed “The Melody Thief” too! -Shira

  2. Andrea M - Reply

    I’ve already purchased everything you’ve written and look forward to starting Aria this afternoon; just wanted to say I love your work and Merry Christmas. So, if you’re giving away anything other than books, count me in.

  3. Rush - Reply

    Hey Shira! I would love to give the contest a try. You already know how I feel about your Notes. They are fantastic!
    Happy Holidays, hon!

  4. Penumbra - Reply

    I loved Sam in Blue Notes and am glad you gave him his own story in Aria. Would love to read this, also count me in for your contest 🙂


  5. Tawny - Reply

    Got here late to the party it seems, but wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying this series!

  6. AgnesT - Reply

    Just saw this on Twitter – what a wonderful Christmas opportunity – please count me in!

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