Stealing the Wind Blog Tour Contests and a FB Chat!

StealingTheWindFSHappy Friday everyone!  This weekend wraps up the Stealing the Wind blog tour.  Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a “Meet the Author Chat” on the Dreamspinner Press Facebook page.  I’ll be answering questions from readers, posting excerpts from Stealing the Wind and sneak peeks at Encore (Blue Notes #5), Symphony in Blue (Blue Notes # 4.5), and Into the Wind (Mermen of Ea #2).  I’ll be giving away goodies, including books and swag (t-shirts, anyone?), as well as a Dreamspinner Press discount code.

This Sunday midnight is your last chance to enter the Stealing the Wind Blog Tour giveaway for a Stealing the Wind t-shirt, a Stealing the Wind ceramic mug, and an ebook of your choice of my Dreamspinner Press releases (not including Stealing the Wind).  Want to enter? Just comment on this or any other post during the blog tour and you’re in!

Need something NSFW to tide you over or celebrate the weekend?  Check out the latest installment in my free serialized novel, Who Rules the King’s Heart, here on my website.  Happy weekend everyone! -Shira




  1. Penumbra - Reply

    Couldn’t make it to your Dreamspinner chat today, it looked fun.

    I don’t usually read mermaid stories, but this book sounds interesting 🙂

    • shira - Reply

      LOL, Penumbra, I don’t usually write them! 😉 They aren’t your typical mermen, by any means. Not fishy at all. *g* -Shira

  2. Dian - Reply

    Different time zone made me missed some if the best fun, darn it!

    Anyways, I’m a gal who love to read almost all genres be it shifters, steampunk, contemporary etc etc. So it’s most likely that I’m gonna read this book too, mermaid and all. Always wondering if somehow there really were (are) mermaid out there. 🙂

    • shira - Reply

      Sorry you missed it, Dian, but thanks for commenting on the post. I’ve got you entered! And as to merfolk, it’s such a wonderful fantasy, isn’t it? -Shira

  3. Toni - Reply

    Thanks for the chat today. The excerpt you shared has me excited for Into the Wind already and I’m not even quite finished with Stealing the Wind yet! I’m definitely hooked. 🙂

    • Christopher Hammel - Reply

      I am SOOOOOO hooked, too! I’m a big “Shira Anthony” advocate. I love pretty much everything she’s written. 😀

  4. Marthese Formosa - Reply

    Had to miss the Dreamspinner chat because of work and different timezone! This is probably late, I can never calculate but good work:)

    • shira - Reply

      You’re not too late, Marthese! I’ve got you entered in the drawings. Thanks for stopping by! -Shira

    • shira - Reply

      Man on fin action rocks, LE! And yes, Anne Cain’s cover is amazing, isn’t it? Love her! -Shira

    • shira - Reply

      I’ve got you entered Christopher! And I see you twiddling those thumbs…. I’ll write faster for you. Promise! -Shira

  5. Gary Hendrickson - Reply

    I very much enjoyed Steal the wind and look forward to the next in this series as well as the next in the blue note series

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