Welcome Carson Douglas!

Today I have with me a very special guest blogger, and one of the folks I nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award, Carson Douglas.  Carson runs the terrific Guys Like Romance, Too blog which promotes gay romance.

So a warm welcome to Carson.  And be sure to check out his blog! -Shira


Hello followers of Shira Anthony!

I want to her for inviting me to her blog. For the record, it’s a nice looking place. I have come to share a little about myself, so here goes.

My name is Carson Douglas. I grew up in NYC and now live in ATL. I write for a popular magazine that circulates my city. I’m not going to mention which one because Carson is my real name and I don’t want them knowing this much about me. I know they are all over blogger and word press because they told me about it. LOL

I love to read and have always loved romance, the whole chase thing set my blood on fire every time. I kept passion a secret for many years reading my many Thea Devine and Bertrice Small books with a magazine covering them. I was plagued by that whole macho thing. Seriously, how macho can an ex college football player be with a spicy romance in his hand? In recent years, however, I’ve adopted a motto a friend my friend Jaxx has had for years. Want to know what it is?

Fuck em! If they don’t like me as is, it’s there loss. J

There you go.

In 2006 I picked up my first M/M and was absolutely hooked. Unfortunately I had to hunt for books. Over time it got easier, but geez! It really was work and I had to have them!

To feed my reading addiction I came up with my blog Guys Like Romance, Too! It is a place where gay romance writers are allowed to pimp their work. To keep the blogs different and exciting I have given each month a different theme so all genres have a chance to be spotlighted. The only things I ask, rules if you will, is that they tell the reader how they came to write the book and how the book fits the theme and those who have the first date of the month introduce the readers to the new theme. That’s it!

Guys Like Romance, Too! has lots of openings from June until December. Stop by the site and check the theme schedule if you’d like a spot. It is located on the November, 2011 post. May is dedicated to lesbian lit. So if you know any authors that write lesbian romance send them my way to blog on the site for May. No specific them just as long as he main characters are females in an intimate relationship they’re good!

Here are 7 things about Carson Douglas that you might be surprised to know.

  1. I was born on leap year, 1968 (that makes me 11 years old for those who are counting)
  2. I am a semi-vegetarian. I don’t eat land animals at all, only sea creatures.
  3. I did nudie shots in college to help pay the bills LOL
  4. I take pictures of strange, weird or interesting everywhere I go and send the pics to my friend Jaxx Steele. They sometimes inspire book ideas for him.
  5. I stole cars to teach myself how to drive when I was a teenager. LOL
  6. I like drink my water room temp and my alcohol ice cold.
  7. I am participating in a blog called It may be new to you. (launches April 1st) There will be 4 of us blogging about our experience on trying 52 weeks of new things. Every week we will try a new food, drink or activity then blog on our day about how we liked or hated it giving people a firsthand look so that they may try it too. J

Thanks again for having me, Shira.

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