Blogging from YaoiCon!

My suitcase is overflowing and I’m just about to hope a plane to the west coast for Yaoicon 2011 in San Francisco.  Why I need four different cosplay outfits is beyond me (except that I’m the queen of the girly girls when it comes to dressing up!).  Maybe it’s a holdover from when I paraded around on stage in costume and makeup and sang, “Tosca.”

About 20 Dreamspinner Press authors will be at the convention, and we’ll have a table.  I’ll be blogging about it over the next few days, letting you know what’s going on in the world of Yaoi and gay romance from the yaoi perspective.  I admit to being a huge yaoi fan.  I often turn to yaoi anime and manga when I’m needing extra inspiration to write my own stories.  Nah, the plots are pretty goofy, but I don’t care.  Just give me two gorgeous men, romantic fluff, angst, sex and, voila, I’m in heaven!

I’m sure I’ll be coming back home with tons of books (I may love my Kindle, but nothing beats a manga for daydreaming) and tchatckes on Sunday night. 

Until the next time!



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