Yaoicon Day One!

Yaoicon began last night amidst a slew of pink, red, white and blue-haired cosplayers screaming at the promise of Saturday night’s “Bishonen Auction.”  Yes, ya’ll, that’s an auction of beautiful boys, chosen from scores of auditions, and destined to be the top bidders’ dance dates for the evening!  And I’m told that they go for well into the four-figures (teams of fan girls pool their money and “share,” apparently)!  I, personally, will be saving my money for a pile of yaoi manga and maybe a few of my favorite Dreamspinner books that I’d like to have a hard copy of in addition to the Kindle version .

We had a Dreamspinner Press  authors’ meetup last night before the festivities.  Lots of familiar names there (okay, I tried not to be intimidated by all the talent!):  Amy Lane, Andrew Grey, Ariel Tachna, Rhys Ford, just to name a few!  And oh, all the beautiful books!  Of course, my only book, The Dream of a Thousand Nights, is virtual, but these babies were just gorgeous (much, MUCH prettier than anything you’d see on the shelf at Wal-mart, not to mention the content is FAR more interesting).  I can’t wait to see “Blue Notes” with a shiny cover and hold it in my hands!

Today is when the real convention starts.  Panel discussions including “Ask the Gay Boys,” with the sweet and funny Andrew Gray and his partner, a BDSM 101 class (*drools*), an M/M romance/slash fiction/yaoi panel, and a ton of BL love videos playing in the video room.  I’ll be helping to man the Dreamspinner table this afternoon and handing out postcards of the “Dream” cover (and Dreamspinner swag, of which there is plenty!).  After that, I’ll probably spend an hour or so in the “Library,” a neat reading room that is well-stocked with the latest mangas, catching up on my favorite series.

Enjoy your day!  I know that I will!


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