Dragons of Anuki (Book 1)

Book Cover: Dragons of Anuki (Book 1)
Part of the Dragons of Anuki series:
  • Dragons of Anuki (Book 1)

Set immediately after the final Mermen of Ea Series book, Running with the Wind, the Dragons of Anuki series will be an interrelated but standalone series in the Mermen of Ea universe. You'll be able to read this series without having read the Mermen of Ea trilogy.

Working Blurb: Left without memories of the man he once loved, Bastian seeks to remember his past and discover the truth behind the legend of the ancient Anuki kingdom and cradle of Dragonkind. With the help of the King of Astenya, Bastian and Odhrán set off together to find the lost city of Anu'Raal, home to the ancient dragons who once roamed the world.

Tentative Publication date: 2019



  1. Charlie - Reply

    I love you forever for doing this. Having just finished reading the Mermen of Ea series a second time, I’m sooo ready for the adventure to continue. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Really looking forward to following Odhrán. He is my fave. Such a kind-hearted but grumpy old man. I’m also looking forward to get to know the new Bastian and his history. Aaaand, even though you say this series can be read without having read the Mermen of Ea-trilogy, I hope we get a glimpse of Taren and Ian. And maybe their handfastening. OMG I just got myself worked up!

    Anyways: thank you, Shira. Thank you!

    • Shira Anthony - Reply

      Thank you Charlie! That makes me so happy. I love Odhrán too – something about those grumpy characters with hearts of gold that make me want to leave them happy in the end. I’m making progress on the first book! I’ll be working hard on it over my vacation the next 2 weeks (on the water, of course!). -Shira

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