Book Cover: Familiarity

Kai Loflin is headed to his first job out of law school, dreaming on the plane about the gorgeous redhead in the seat next to him. But when Kai and Mr. Dream Guy are cornered in an alley and under attack by vicious creatures, the dream quickly becomes a nightmare.

It turns out the man of Kai's dreams isn't a man at all: Elodie is a familiar who has served Kai's family for centuries. Kai, who was adopted as a child, discovers he is the last in a long line of mages who barely survived extermination at the hands of creatures bent on eradicating the magic users who once kept them at bay.

Elodie says he's bound to protect Kai, no matter the consequences to himself. But when Elodie and Kai enter into a contract, Kai gets far more than he bargained for.  Elodie isn't exactly what he claims to be, and his motives may be anything but pure. The last thing Kai needs is to fall in love with the person who may be his savior, or the tool of his destruction.