Early Release Party: T-shirt Giveaway!

I’m getting the release party for The Melody Thief started a little early with a contest to win a Blue Notes t-shirt.  All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is comment on my blog by midnight on Saturday (August 11th) and tell me what your favorite kind of music is.  T-shirts are size men’s XL, white cotton, with the gorgeous Anne Cain cover from the first Blue Notes book.  You only have until Saturday at midnight to enter for the t-shirt drawing, so don’t forget to leave a comment!

All entries will also automatically be entered into the drawing to win an ebook copy (format of your choice) of The Melody Thief in the giveaway contest that ends on 8/23.  And don’t forget to enter to win a copy (autographed, if you wish) of the paperback version on Goodreads.

For those of you who haven’t already read the blurb for The Melody Thief, here it is: 

Cary Redding is a walking contradiction. On the surface he’s a renowned cellist, sought after by conductors the world over. Underneath, he’s a troubled man flirting with addictions to alcohol and anonymous sex. The reason for the discord? Cary knows he’s a liar, a cheat. He’s the melody thief.

Cary manages his double life just fine until he gets mugged on a deserted Milan street. Things look grim until handsome lawyer Antonio Bianchi steps in and saves his life. When Antonio offers something foreign to Cary—romance—Cary doesn’t know what to do. But then things get even more complicated. For one thing, Antonio has a six-year-old son. For another, Cary has to confess about his alter ego and hope Antonio forgives him.

Just when Cary thinks he’s figured it all out, past and present collide and he is forced to choose between the family he wanted as a boy and the one he has come to love as a man.

Want to read an excerpt?  Click here and scroll down to click on the “excerpt” tab.

Good luck! -Shira


  1. Tammy Skinner - Reply

    My favorite kind of music is Country music. I love the twang and the nice slow songs.

    • Shira - Reply

      Thanks, Tammy – I have you entered. I especially love K.D. Lang’s country music! -Shira

  2. Melissa Mason - Reply

    My favorite kind of music is indie rock / alternative with female singers (She & Him, Regina Spektor, etc)
    Thank you for having a giveaway!

  3. joann687 - Reply

    Just read the blurb and love stories that have one or both MC with children. It shows the depth of care and love that the parent (and possible lover/partner) has. Please put my name in the “hat” for the early release party!! Thanks

    • Shira - Reply

      I’ve got you entered, Joann! I hope you’ll enjoy how the MC’s son, Massimo, opens Cary’s heart. -Shira

  4. Tiger - Reply

    My favorite music depends on my mood but what I’m drawn to the most I guess is indie music. I love discovering things that should be being devoured by the masses. Whether it’s books or music, it’s like discovering a rare gem.

    • Shira - Reply

      I think I’m with you, Tiger. I tend to choose my music by what mood I’m in (although sometimes I’ll listen to get into the mood I want to be in!). Thanks for commenting – I have you entered in the drawings! -Shira

  5. tony - Reply

    You can blame me finding your site from Hayley B James’ Blog Hop this past June. I had no idea that the M/M romance world existed. I was alway the yaoi anime/manga fanboy. Anyway, your site is now added to my list of blogs that just continues to grow. Your story looks interesting, kids definitely are cool although my partner doesn’t think so (I’ll just have to continue spoiling my nephews!).

    As for music, it pretty much depends on my mood. But if I had to pick some sort of genre, I guess it would be something like indie rock. Shiny Toy Guns is a perfect example.


    • Shira - Reply

      LOL, Tony! Thanks for commenting (I’ve got you entered in the drawings). And yes, kids are cool, but they are also exhausting (I have two teenagers and more gray hair than I did a few years ago!). I also think it’s important to show the world that families with same-sex parents are thriving (the mothers in The Melody Thief are based on my cousin, her partner and their children). Okay. Off the soap-box!

      I still love (and watch/read) yaoi, although I like the reality (well, closer-to-reality, I guess) of MM romance. I was always one of those “what happens after the happily-ever-after?” people, although I still love the “will they get together or won’t they” sweaty-palm feeling I get when I read Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and some of the other manga. -Shira

  6. Sandra - Reply

    If I had to pick a favorite I’d have to say Post Hardcore (Rise Against, etc), I love cranking it and screaming/singing along! 🙂

    Thanks for having a giveaway!

    • Shira - Reply

      Hah! Love it, Sandra! And you’re welcome. I’ve got you entered. -Shira

  7. Dianne T. - Reply

    Hi Shira!

    I have very eclectic taste in music -depends on mood and what I’m doing. When it comes down to it, I prefer a great vocalist paired with a great melody. In addition, I like musicians who incorporate everything from live orchestras to electronica in their recordings and stage shows. Two of my favorites are Darren Hayes and Patrick Wolf. Agree with Tiger above that lots of great music goes undiscovered by the masses.

    Excited about the new book – nice to see you holding this contest!

    • Shira - Reply

      Thanks Dianne! I’ve always loved the fusing of different types of music, too. And above all, a really great singer (male or female). K.D. Lang or vintage Neil Diamond, Sinatra, Gwen Stefani singing big band, Jacques Brel… I could go on! Thanks for commenting. XD -Shira

  8. Tali Spencer - Reply

    What I listen to depends on what I’m doing, but I truly love video game soundtracks! Some of them might as well be the soundtracks to my stories. Kingdom Hearts is beautiful. So are the Final Fantasy (VI and VII especially) soundtracks. I have all the versions. :/ I know I’m strange. But I just love melodramatic, emotional music. When not listening to soundtracks, I focus on artists more than music type. Love Richard Thompson and Aimee Mann, for example.

    And I’m looking forward to the book!

    • Shira - Reply

      I saw that the New York Philharmonic or some other world-class orchestra had performed an entire concert of just video game music! And it was good, too. XD One of my recent favorite pieces was the score from an anime series called “Blood+” – it was scored by a Hollywood screen composer and featured an opera singer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F11aDh-Jpds That’s a score for a Japanese anime series? Damn! Who’d’ve thunk it??

  9. Alex - Reply

    I’m not exactly sure what to call my favorite “genre” of music. The reason why is that I have a few top favorite artists, but I wouldn’t know how to classify their music. Among my favorite artists/groups are Muse, Porcupine Tree, and Menomena. Let’s not forget Dido, either, her music is fantastically calming, yet thought-provoking. 😉

    • Shira - Reply

      I love Muse! And I need to check out some of those other groups. Thanks for commenting Alex – I have your name on the list. XD

  10. Trix - Reply

    I love crunchy guitars and loud harmonies…I guess most people would call that “power pop,” but a lot of the most famous power pop examples aren’t my thing. My favorites are Sloan, Redd Kross (just saw ’em the other night–they were awesome!), the Posies, Teenage Fanclub, the Joel Plaskett Emergency…the list goes on and on.

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