Giveaway – “The Melody Thief” (Blue Notes Series #2)

In just a little over two weeks, Dreamspinner Press will release The Melody Thief, the second novel in the Blue Notes Series.  (Yes, that’s me with the ear to ear grin!)  Each Blue Notes Series novel is a standalone story that explores different aspects of relationships.  For those of you who have read the original Blue Notes, you’ll know that book was about letting go of the past and opening yourself up to the possibilities of love.  In Blue Notes, Jason Greene comes to terms with his attraction to other men, and realizes that success doesn’t necessarily ensure happiness.

The Melody Thief focuses on the importance of family and commitments, and what it means to be loved and to love someone in return.  Cary Redding, a renowned classical cellist, is the melody thief—a man whose painful childhood has left him with nothing but his music.  He lives his life without letting himself feel and dulls his pain with anonymous sex and alcohol. 

Cary doesn’t mean to fall in love.  He doesn’t want to.  But when lawyer Antonio Bianchi saves Cary from muggers on a deserted Milan street, Cary finds himself falling hard.  Then there’s a “little” complication— Antonio has a five year old son.  Cary isn’t ready for a relationship, and he sure as hell isn’t ready for an instant family.  But sometimes what you think you aren’t ready for is just what you need.   I hope you’ll enjoy Cary’s journey of the heart as he learns to love and let himself be loved.  

Want to read an excerpt?  Click here and scroll down to click on the “excerpt” tab.

Want to win a copy of The Melody Thief?  Comment to be entered into a drawing for  your choice of ebook formats.  You can also enter to win a paperback copy of the novel at  Both giveaways end on August 23, 2012.  Check back as the release date gets closer for more giveaways (including some cool Blue Notes t-shirts with the gorgeous Dreamspinner Press covers from Anne Cain and Catt Ford!). -Shira


  1. Paula - Reply

    I’ve been reading the excerpts for The Melody Thief as they’ve come out. I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂

  2. Donna - Reply

    Blurb and excerpt sounds great! Sounds like it will be as good as the first!

  3. Alex - Reply

    I hadn’t even heard of this series until I read the excerpt that you posted up, but I’m eager to get my hands on the first book as well as this one!

  4. Kim - Reply

    The first book has been on my TBR list…which is really big! LOL I will get to it soon since there is only a few above it. If only there were more hours in a day to read! Wonder if I could quit my job to read more….nope then I wouldn’t be able to buy the books! oh well off to work I go. Thanks for the contest, I’d love to win.

    • Shira - Reply

      LOL – thanks, Kim! And that makes me smile to hear it’s your first TBR (jeez, you don’t even want to know how long mine is these days!). *g* I’ve got you entered in the giveaway. And don’t forget to stop back on release day – I’ll be running some more contests. -Shira

    • Shira - Reply

      Hey Sandra! Thanks so much (of course I read the review and I really appreciated it!). XD I’ve got you entered for the drawings! I hope you enjoy my “thief”. -Shira

  5. Tammy - Reply

    Book sounds interesting. I also looked up the rest of the series and it sounds great. Thanks so much for the contest! I look forward to reading you books.

    • Shira - Reply

      Thanks, Tammy! I’ve got your name on the list of entries. Hope you enjoy the books! -Shira

  6. Darcy - Reply

    I love R&B. All of it. It gets me up no matter how matter how down i feel. It moves the soul..*S*
    Would love to win your delightful book!

    • Shira - Reply

      Thanks Darcy! I’ve got you entered for both the book and t-shirt drawing. Good luck!

    • Shira - Reply

      Thanks, Carol – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them! I’ve got you entered in the drawing for the ebook of “The Melody Thief!” -Shira

  7. Judi P - Reply

    ooh! I hope I’m not too late.
    Please count me in on the contest!! =D


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