Yaoicon Day Two

Just got back in town from San Francisco.  No more earthquakes to report, and the weather was just stunning!

Spent most of Day Two with the Dreamspinner Press authors at the DSP table in the dealer’s room.  Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna looked fab in their sexy corsets.  I wore a “chiudidar kameez,” an Indian tunic with narrow leggings that looks like the clothing the characters in The Dream of a Thousand Nights would wear.  Oh, and a fab pair of “Bollywood” earrings that scream, “Bling!”

I was awed by all the fabulous Dreamspinner covers -they really are gorgeous.  Hung out at the table with E.M. Lynley, Rhys Ford, Ariel Tachna, Nicki Bennett, Amy Lane, Lori Toland, Andrew Grey, Isabelle Rowan, and Jan Suzukawa, among others. The books were almost gone at the end of Day Two, and I bet by the end of Day Three (which I couldn’t stay for), the rest were sold, as well.

Even though I couldn’t stay for the last day, it was a lot of fun getting to know everyone and watching all the cosplayers and the bishonen around the hotel.  Can’t wait until next year!




  1. Shira Anthony - Reply

    Hmmm… At the DSP table? I was all the way on the inside Saturday afternoon wearing the chuididar kameez, E.M. was next to me, then you were next to her, then Mary? Maybe you’re thinking of Lori? I don’t remember a Julie, but then I didn’t go out to dinner on Friday with ya’ll.

    • Rhys Ford - Reply

      Oh no, I knew you. :::grins:: and E.M. I didn’t go to a dinner thing on Friday…just stopped in on the room. I probably am thinking about Lori. I met a few people on Friday in the room but it was all a blur. And I LOVED your outfit. So pretty. You really looked nice in it. If I didn’t tell you then. I’m so scattered brained. And HORRIBLE with names. 😀 I called Andrew Michael a few times in my head. No idea where that came from 😀

  2. Shira Anthony - Reply

    LOL! And thanks for the compliment – my kids’ll probably make me wear it again for Halloween! There was one other woman there on Friday at the meet and greet whose name escapes me. I think she was one of the writers, but she could have been a significant other. Petite, medium hair, standing next to the guy with the lip piercings. Can’t remember her name – ack! Lori was wearing the knitted hat thing, I think. And I’m horrible with names, too. I call my daughter by my sister’s name half the time… I’d love to say it’s because I’m pushing 50, but I’ve always been bad with them. *sighs*

    • Rhys Ford - Reply

      I am just filthy horrible with names. I want to make everyone wear name tags as they go through life. I called the temporary assistant my group had Lisa. For three weeks. Apparently her name was Patty. Why did no one correct me?

      Sheerly fantastic outfit. I was much in awe. Perfect for your skin tone too. Flawless.

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